Before meeting with your tour coordinator, we suggest considering the following

What time of year would you like to tour, and are the dates flexible

What will be the duration of your tour

Will you require a minimum number for the tour to proceed

Type of accommodation. Twin, Triple or Dorms

How many teachers will be accompanying the tour?

What is your budget?

What is your school’s approval process

Create your custom-made itinerary

CPAC Travel customises each itinerary to ensure your school’s specific requirements are met. Your tour co ordinator will collaborate with you to ensure all fixtures, performances, workshops or coaching sessions are included additional sightseeing activites are included a meal plan program and your tours budget

Tour Approval For your tour to proceed, you must first obtain the support of your Board of Trustees and senior management team.  CPAC Travel will provide a comprehensive tour proposal to help you achieve a positive outcome.


Once your tour has been approved, CPAC Travel can help organise fundraising events.  While fundraising can require effort and commitment, it can be a rewarding experience for your students and your community. It can also provide an opportunity for your students to learn important skills, such as communication, teamwork, and entrepreneurship. 

For all confirmed international bookings, with a minimum number of 30 passengers,CPAC Travel and Tours will provide you with a gift voucher to the value of $2,000 to use for fundraising purposes. Ask us for full terms and conditions.