Aviation and USA Space Camps


This extraordinary experience inspires you as you’re taken behind the scenes of the Lufthansa Training Facility.  Here, you’re given an exclusive insight into the professional training areas where pilots and cabin crew come from around the world to train.  You’ll experience what they experience and feel what they feel as you take command of a long-haul flight simulator


*Please note – students must be 16 years or older to participate in this tour

Kennedy Space Centre, Cape Canaveral, Florida

This 5-day program includes the Astronaut Training Experience (mission simulation including launching, landing and walking on Mars) and the Mars Base 1 program (travel to Mars and work through the challenges of living on the Martian surface, including a spacewalk in a microgravity experience).   Students will hear real-life stories from a veteran NASA astronaut and work in teams to follow the Engineering and design process ( ask, imagine, plan, create, test, revise) to solve various engineering challenges.

Space Camp: Huntsville

Whether your student focuses on Space, Aviation or Robotics, this camp will inspire them.  Students will test their skills in engineering design challenges, fly in jet aircraft simulators, feel the sensation of moving in low gravity and train like the Apollo Astronauts.